How GDPR effects video production and marketing

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What is a webcast? And what is a webinar? A lot of people use the terms “webinar” and “webcast” interchangeably nowadays. While webinars and webcasts share a lot of similarities they are very distinct solutions with different features, functions and uses. Whether you choose a webinar or webcast, there are platform features and integrations that you can expect to see as part of the technology offered by any webinar or webcast platform. Some of the features you can expect to see in a webinar or webcast platform such as VIXY include:

So which solution should you use and what exactly are these “webinars” and “webcasts”?

What is a Webinar

A Webinar is a combination of the words “web-based” and “seminar“. Web based in this case means that the seminar is held online through using the internet. So who can we reach by using this online seminar and what exactly is a webinar? 

Webinars are online seminars designed for smaller groups of people and a host(or hosts) who give a presentation to a virtual room of attendees. Because the seminar is held online people can connect from various locations.
What sets a webinar apart from a webcast is that presenters and attendees can interact through the seminar via a number of tools:

  • Slideshow presentations 
  • Live or streaming video 
  • VoIP 
  • Whiteboard with annotation 
  • Text chat 
  • Polls and surveys 
  • Screen sharing/desktop sharing/application sharing

In order to use these tools effectively the audience can’t reach numbers into the thousands like you can expect with a webcast.

What is a Webcast

  1. Much like a webinar being a “web based seminar,” a webcast is a web based broadcast, or a broadcast that takes place online. Unlike the webinar however webcasting is characterized by the fact that a single host can simply broadcast their presentation without any engagement from the audience. This means that a much larger audience can watch the webcast online from virtually any device, the downside here is that they will not be able to interact with the webcast or the presenter. 

    Some examples of large webcasters would be radio and TV stations who cast their output through online TV or radio streaming stations.

Should you choose a webinar or a webcast?

Webinars are designed to make communication between multiple parties possible. In a webinar, the speaker may lead a presentation for most of the time, but participants are encouraged to ask questions and give feedback as the webinar continues. By contrast, a webcast is designed to distribute content from a single source to thousands of people. This makes a webcast ideal for a company announcement, annual shareholder meeting and e-learning training that must be transmitted to people in many locations at once.

Once you have a clear idea of what your business objectives are, it’s easy to determine whether a webinar or webcast is the right solution for your needs. As you learn more about the different offerings on the market, you’re likely to find that there are key differences between webinar and webcast platforms that make one better than the other for your team.

Choose a webinar instead of a webcast if:

  • You’re expecting a smaller crowd
  • You want to encourage audience participation
  • You need to share audio and content

A webcast is better than a webinar for your needs if:

  • You want to stream live to a larger crowd
  • You won’t be taking live questions or comments during the webcast
  • You require support or event services to make the webcast successful