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User roles & permissions

Give users roles and rights to manage specific aspects of your media library.

Rights for managing your media library

Determine who has access to which areas of your video management system yourself. This allows you to give your video producers individual access to upload videos directly, your employees and colleagues rights to publish videos, and your marketing bureau exclusive rights for viewing the video statistics.

The VIXY video management system is perfect for organizations consisting of multiple divisions and media companies with multiple media titles that would like to collaborate

Standard user roles

Within the video management system, you can easily create and manage multiple user roles. There are six predefined roles:

  1. Publisher administrator
  2. Manager
  3. Content uploader
  4. Content moderator
  5. Player designer
  6. Analyst

For each role, you can easily grant and modify rights. You can also create user roles based on your own definitions.

Paid Access (SVOD / TVOD)

Make your video content available for a limited time after payment of a subscription or for an individual video. VIXY has a great deal of experience in creating video-on-demand channels and has developed a white label video channel for this purpose. Create your own video channel quickly and easily and sell your videos for a subscription type (subscription VOD) or per video (transaction VOD).

User statistics

Do you manage a video portal where users gain access to view your videos after logging in? By linking user profiles to the video statistics, you can see exactly how often a user watches a video and whether someone has finished watching the entire video. This is often important information when you share educational videos and users are often required to watch the entire video for accreditation.

VIXY helps you to improve video results and sell your content online