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Video Security

Monetize your video content! Protect your valuable videos by determining exactly for whom, where and for what period your video content is published.

Access control

Our solutions offer end-to-end security to ensure that your video content can only be watched by authorized viewers. This allows you to publish your videos with protection for internal communication, or to make these available with payment models like pay-per-view (TVOD) or subscriptions (SVOD). Your video content can be made available on the basis of the country, IP-address, domain, period and advanced service side security levels.

Video user rights

Give users consent to manage specific aspects of your content library, such as uploading and publishing videos or creating playlists. For example, video producers can upload files directly in the video platform without having the rights to publish these videos. This is ideal for organizations consisting of multiple divisions and media companies with various media titles.

Tokenized Video Delivery

Tokenized video delivery ensures that your video content is delivered safely. Your videos can only be played by authorized users with a token. The information in the token determines which checks are performed. Videos can be secured and played on the basis of the following checks:

– Presence or absence of a valid token
– IP-address of the viewer
– Source URL of the video
– Expiration time of the token


VIXY generates a unique token per viewing session to play a video. Each link that is delivered by means of tokenized delivery is only valid for 90 seconds. This prevents videos from being forwarded, embedded or otherwise prevents the unauthorized delivery of files.

VIXY helps you to improve video results and sell your content online