Video Hosting and Streaming

Reliable video hosting and unbelievably fast streaming on all devices—no matter where your viewers are.


video hosting and streaming all devices

Scalable video hosting

VIXY offers reliable video hosting from the cloud. Your videos are processed directly and stored in multiple formats. Our infrastructure, hosted on servers at NEP in the Netherlands, makes it possible to upload and transcode a large number of videos. This gives you continuous access to your original video files and the ability to distribute these to any device desired. VIXY provides video hosting and streaming for clients like Alex, Binck Bank, NCOI, and VUmc.

The best possible streaming on any device

VIXY guarantees a fluid viewing experience on any device your viewers use to watch. The quality of a stream in mobile, PC or set-top-box depends on the available Internet connection. For this reason, videos that you upload are automatically transcoded by VIXY into multiple formats. Adaptive bit-rate delivery ensures the user receives the highest quality video possible depending on their Internet connection and device.

The data center of NEP The Netherlands

The infrastructure of NEP is built around a proprietary 100% uptime fiberglass network in Hilversum. NEP is a leading international encoding house and possesses the certification necessary for delivering content on all the largest VOD platforms. NEP The Netherlands officially met the requirements of the international information security standard on July 22, 2016 (ISO27001).

From its data center, NEP supplies video content to Fox Sports, Videloand on Demand, Pathé Thuis, and the NPO Plus platform, just to name a few. NEP The Netherlands is a shareholder of VIXY.

For this international delivery, we work very closely with content delivery networks (CDN) such as Akamai. This guarantees you unparalleled scalability and incredibly fast video playback for live and on-demand video content internationally.

More management features

video management

Video Management

Make video management simple with a central media library. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 videos, they will all be stored securely online..
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Uploading and Encoding

Whether you upload videos one-by-one or in bulk, VIXY will automatically turn these into the best streaming formats for optimal display on any device.
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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Ultra fast video playback worldwide, wherever your viewers are, with our advanced content delivery network.
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HTML5 Video Player

The fastest and most reliable HTML5 video player on the market. The delivery is seamless — regardless of which device the viewer uses.
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Live Streaming

Broadcast your event live to thousands of viewers worldwide. Our Cloud streaming services enable us to offer an integrated overall solution, including live DVR, live analytics, ad insertion and ultra fast video playback via the CDN.
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Video API Integrations

Get to know the most comprehensive, modern-day video API and easily integrate all your video processes and widgets into your website or application.
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Video Security

Protect your valuable videos by determining exactly for whom, where and for what period your video content is published.
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Video metadata

With good metadata structure, you can make it simpler to search through your videos, make them more visible on various search engines, and you increase the involvement of the user.
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With subtitling, you make your videos available for viewers in various countries, improve the ability to search through your videos, and ensure greater visibility on the Internet.
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