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Video Analytics

Improve your online result with in-depth video analytics.

Optimize your video campaign

Increase your insight into the best performing content, viewing behavior, interactivity and conversion ratios. Discover which videos are watched the most and which videos the least. Just a few clicks gives you insight into the full details of the performance of a certain video, a category or time frame.

Use our reports to gain business insight, better understand trends and to see how your content strategy bears fruit.

Increase your insight into:

  • Number of views and number of unique viewers
  • Average viewing duration
  • Start / impression ratio
  • Content drop-off, the moment of clicking away
  • Geographic distribution
  • Number of interactions (e.g.: contact form)
  • Number of shared videos via social media
  • Number of video downloads
  • Conversion ratio (integration Google Analytics)
content drop off

Play-through and content drop-off

In which videos do viewers drop out and at what moment? Improve your content strategy by keeping track of the video length, page performance and other important variables. Drop-off moments and play-through ratios are important statistics for video production parties and provide insight as to the points at which a video needs to be adjusted.

Geographic video playback

Check the exact geographic location of your viewers and discover trends by combining these data with social commitment and video drop-off moments. These statistics let you collect important information that can for instance offer enormous value for local advertisers.


Advanced event tracking via Google Analytics

Add the Google Analytics code of your website to your video player to gain insight into the customer journey of the visitors on your website. This gives you answers to questions such as: through which channels does my target group end up on the website and what actions do my viewers perform during or directly after watching a video.

The VIXY video player has standard advanced event tracking functionality with which statistics of all events in the player are sent back to Google Analytics.

Integrate VIXY with your own web analytics

Are you already using other web analytics? The reports from VIXY can be easily integrated with all prominent statistics suppliers on the market, such as: Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Level3, Comscore, Nielsen, Conviva, Akamai and Youbora.

As a result, you get precisely the statistics of videos and users that are interesting for your company.

VIXY helps you to improve video results and sell your content online