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Kaltura Video Platform

Kaltura is the video platform to enable video learning, knowledge sharing, online training and remote collaboration.

VIXY is your Dutch Kaltura partner and specialist.

Kaltura Video Platform

The Kaltura video platform and Kaltura video player are used worldwide by more than 300,000 companies to enable video learning, knowledge sharing, online training and remote collaboration. This makes the Kaltura open source video management system the most commonly chosen video platform on the market.

Companies such as Philips, Nestlé, Yale and Stanford University and HBO have all opted for Kaltura. They use Kaltura as a solution for their digital media and learning environment, to share knowledge, to recruit new employees and to improve marketing and sales processes.

Use Kaltura for:

  1. Sharing knowledge and collaborating (LMS): training your employees by sharing protected videos and course material within your existing environment or LMS.
  2. HR: the recruitment & selection of new employees and the motivation of existing employees.
  3. Marketing: the increase of the conversion on your website with interactive videos.
  4. Sales: generating leads, newsletter subscribers and increasing the number of appointments via interactive fill-out forms in your Kaltura player.
  5. Helpdesk support: use of interactive customer service videos consisting of multiple layers to offer step-by-step explanation to customers about your product or service.
  6. Corporate communication: broadcast your online training, webinar or event live to thousands of viewers simultaneously or to a closed audience.

Your Dutch Kaltura partner

VIXY is the key Dutch Kaltura partner and specialist. Our developers have years of experience with Kaltura and work on complex Kaltura issues daily. We develop new Kaltura techniques in-house and offer support for the integration of Kaltura with your online learning environment, content management system or business application.

We have been hosting Kaltura entirely in-house since 2010, on a 100% uptime fiberglass network in Hilversum. That makes us the first company in the Netherlands which employs Kaltura developers and further develops the Kaltura video platform in-house.

VIXY has been a certified Kaltura developer since 2012.

Reliable Kaltura hosting in the Netherlands (ISO 27001 certified & GDPR-proof)

VIXY offers reliable Kaltura video hosting and video streaming on Dutch servers at competitive hosting and streaming rates. Our premium Kaltura infrastructure makes it possible to upload, process and distribute large quantities of video. From Kaltura progressive streaming to Kaltura HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming, we guarantee that you get the best viewing experience on every platform and device.

Your videos are hosted in our data center in the Netherlands. NEP The Netherlands in Hilversum meets the requirements of the international information security standard on (ISO27001). VIXY is the only worldwide provider of Kaltura hosting on a Dutch server infrastructure and falls under Dutch legislation for that reason.

For our worldwide transmissions, we work with content delivery networks like Akamai, so you can rest assured that you are receiving unparalleled scalability and incredibly fast video playback— no matter where your viewers are.

The Kaltura Video Management System (VMS)

The Kaltura online video platform simplifies the process of uploading, editing, and publishing your media. The video management system is designed in such a way to work together with the entire organization from a single environment. Give employees access to manage specific aspects of your media library, such as editing metadata, adding subtitles in your Kaltura video player or creating video playlists.

After uploading, Kaltura automatically encodes your video to the desired video quality.With detailed access control profiles, you control exactly who can see your videos and when.

Online Video Platform

Integrate Kaltura with your Learning Management System (LMS)

The Kaltura video API gives you automatic access to hundreds of API services and helps you integrate all widgets easily within your application, learning management system or OTT service. This is called user-generated content and is particularly handy when you want to let your users upload videos by themselves.

By linking the uploading process to your existing application, users do not need to get used to a new environment. They can get started right away with videos without having to leave the known environment. Whether it’s a learning environment such as Moodle, a content management system such as Sharepoint or a business application such as IBM or Jive – VIXY and Kaltura make sure you no longer have to worry about the storage, encoding, security and delivery of your video content.

Publishing videos securely and safely

The Kaltura player offers end-to-end security to ensure that your video content can only be watched by authorized viewers. This allows you to publish your videos with protection for internal communication, or to make these available against payment based on pay-per-view (TVOD) or subscriptions (SVOD). Several security levels ensure that the video content is well protected against outsiders. Your video content can be made available on the basis of the country, IP-address, domain, period and advanced service side security levels. We also set up a federated login with your corporate network (Single Sign-On)

interactive video convert viewers to buyers

Keep your viewer’s attention with an interactive video

Relevance has never been more important than it is now, given the sea of information on the web. By adding interactivity, the viewer can make choices while watching the video. The viewer chooses what he wants to see and where he wants to click through. The result is videos being watched longer and better.

Your video remains fascinating and relevant for the viewer so that you better retain the attention of the viewer. This will help you achieve your video goal faster. Interactive video allows you to increase the conversion on your website, the number of products you sell or improve the online learning result.

Kaltura for marketing, lead generation and sales

Turn spectators into shoppers with calls-to-action in the Kaltura player, such as clickable buttons, links, products, contact forms, and brochures. This allows you to direct your viewers to the next step as they watch your video. A few ideas: opening an external website or application, placing a product in the shopping cart, linking to other videos, making contact, downloading brochures and course material.

VIXY has developed an interactive module in-house and added it to the Kaltura video platform. As a result, you can simply add a few clickable buttons, links, products and forms yourself.

vixy video on demand

Start your own corporate, learning or media channel with Kaltura

The VIXY video channel offers your users a central location to discover, view, share, and purchase all your videos.

Sell your videos via subscriptions or pay-per-view service and generate income with video advertisements. The integrated payment module automatically completes all transactions via iDeal, credit card, and PayPal.

The video channel also enables you to offer your videos safely and securely online, which is useful for organizations looking to facilitate e-learning packages or train their employees.

Kaltura Video Analytics for tracking the performance of your videos

Use our reports to acquire business insight, better understand trends, and see how successful your content strategy is.

Increase your knowledge of your best-performing content, the viewing behavior of your users, the channels and devices that your videos are viewed on, geographical playback, and conversion ratios.

With just a few clicks, you can see all the details regarding the performance of a certain video, a category, or a time frame.