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VIXY replaced, automated, and optimized the video workflows for both the webinars and the virtual live event platform.

For both the webinars and the virtual live event platform of Creative Animal, there was no media asset management platform. As a result, data flow and customer information were entered manually so setting up these digital + virtual experiences cost a lot of operational time. Creative Animal was looking for a secure, fast, and globally operating video asset management platform – a video platform where live and on demand assets could be easily organized and easy to search through using various filters.

We integrated VIXY’s live streaming service within the online webinar platform. We also made sure live streams on the virtual live event platform no longer have to be recorded, edited, and uploaded separately, which saves a lot of time.

We had a conversation with Jorrian Piek, Product Owner at Creative Animal, to find out why Creative Animal chose VIXY, how they use VIXY, and what results they have achieved with it.

About Creative Animal

Merging clever strategies and authentic ideas into unique stories, expressed in audiovisual content. That’s what Creative Animal does. The creative label was founded within NEP the Netherlands, of which VIXY is also a part. Creative Animal is specialized in concept + story design, iconic visual experiences, and digital + virtual experiences. The latter means that a digital or virtual event is developed and enriched with high-end applications.

One of the digital experiences is a webinar platform. In this way, corporate customers can use on demand video as communication tool, e.g. for a small-scale event. The provided options for interaction are the reason that more and more companies (such as ING, Nationale Nederlanden, and PostNL) choose to host webinars. Creative Animal offers the possibility to make this interactive with poll questions, quizzes, chat, an evaluation form, and extensive integrated email options.

A more complex digital + virtual experience is the Virtual Live Event Platform (VLEP). This allows companies to organize an interactive online event that looks and feels like a real offline event, e.g. with registration with personal login, break-out rooms, 3D navigation, various stages/rooms, stands for sponsors, an exhibition area, block diagrams, and extensive user rights. This is intended for larger events, such as long-term events, a conference or, or the launch of a new product line.

Looking for a clear, secure and scalable video asset management platform

The technical and visual design of the webinar and VLEP environment was all taken care of but Creative Animal lacked a media asset management platform. They didn’t use a well-functioning platform to manage the video assets for both live and on demand video so sensitive and error-prone information such as customer information had to be configured manually. As a result, setting up the environments and setting up the events took a lot of valuable time.

Because Creative Animal and VIXY are both part of NEP Netherlands, it didn’t take long to connect the two parties. In an exploratory meeting, the wishes and requirements were discussed. Creative Animal was looking for a video asset management platform where live and on demand assets could be easily organized with multiple filters. The new video asset management platform also had to be super fast, secure, and globally accessible.

6 reasons Creative Animal chose VIXY

Well-organized media asset library

The video asset management platform that VIXY facilitates offers the possibility to easily view, manage, organize, and sort the video assets.

You can filter on names, tags, reference IDs, categories, and expiry dates.

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Safe and reliable

When hosting webinars and virtual live events, you are dealing with sensitive information, such as customer names and email addresses. That is why security was of the utmost importance for Creative Animal. With tokenized video delivery, the videos are delivered and deployed securely. Additionally, because VIXY and Creative Animal both belong to NEP, the platform hosting was already on NEP’s infrastructure (instead of on an external infrastructure).

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Ultra fast, anywhere in the world

Creative Animal works with large corporates that operate on a global scale and have customers all over the world. Therefore, the video content had to be accessible worldwide, without delay or interference. Because VIXY runs on the infrastructure of NEP, Creative Animal was assured of a short loading time (208% faster than other content delivery networks) and high scalability. The fast video playback for both live and on demand videos was made possible by linking to the Akamai CDN, which handles worldwide distribution.

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Guaranteed working solutions

As Creative Animal works with large corporates, it was important to them that they received good customer service in case of questions or requests. With good SLA agreements, a fast response time, and a short time to solution, VIXY has already been able to successfully facilitate many webinars and virtual live events.

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Personal and friendly customer service

Creative Animal considers the service from our technology and sales departments positively. In their experience, the personalized solutions and answers to questions and requests are provided quickly and friendly by VIXY.

Endless custom-made possibilities

Because Creative Animal offers tailor-made solutions to its corporate customers, it was of great importance that the video asset management platform was flexible. VIXY is always open to see what is possible and dares to go much further than standard agreements and options that are standard in the product.

How Creative Animal uses VIXY


Creative Animal’s customers purchase the webinar platform from them to use live and on demand video as a means of communication. For example, large corporates such as ING, Aegon, PostNL, and Nationale Nederlanden can organize a mini event or give something buzz. The webinar platform offers the possibility of registration and interaction. Within the webinar platform, we integrated live streaming.

Virtual Live Event Platform (VLEP)

The virtual live event platform is an innovative way to enrich the experience of a virtual event with interaction between the presenter and the audience. The possibilities are endless: from basic functions such as secure guest registration and a live stream to extensive experience options such as Q&A/poll functions, break-out sessions, chats, guest pages with search functions, event schedules, and video on demand pages.

With VIXY, a live stream can be configured at the touch of a button. This is also recorded in the cloud and can be edited (trimmed or clipped) immediately after the live stream and made available as on demand video.

The functionalities of VIXY that Creative Animal uses

Structured and clear video library

The amount of information that has to be entered manually has been minimized. This makes data such as customer information safer and much less prone to errors. The well-organized video library makes it very easy for Creative Animal and their customers to view, manage, organize and sort the video assets.

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Customized players in your own branding

The embeddable players can be completely customized, ensuring the player videos to have the look and feel of Creative Animal’s customers. The player no longer needs to be customized manually, which makes the interface more beautiful and the user experience better.

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Valuable user analytics

Creative Animal’s own platform provides clear insight into user statistics, meaning you know exactly who is watching and for how long. These user analytics are of great value to Creative Animal’s customers.

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Automatic cloud encoding and recording

A video no longer needs to be uploaded manually after a live session, as this happens automatically with VIXY. From the VIXY platform, the live stream in different bit rates is recorded safely and quickly in the cloud.

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Cutting and trimming videos

The videos can be easily clipped and edited in the user-friendly video editor. Breaks or mistakes in the live recording can now be cut out very quickly without having to re-upload the file.

“As a company, we mainly benefit from the collaboration with VIXY because of the optimized workflows, but our customers also benefit from better global streaming.”

The results achieved thanks to VIXY

Thanks to VIXY, setting up the live streams is much faster. The workflow is much more efficient because the live stream does not have to be recorded, edited and uploaded separately. In addition, the data does not accumulate and the video asset library makes filtering and organizing videos much easier. Additionally, there is more control over exactly how much data is consumed due to the clear insight into user and video analytics.

Because Creative Animal has chosen to work with VIXY, the video asset management part of the webinars and the virtual live events is much safer and more efficient. Creative Animal can now sell these digital + virtual experiences services much better.

But there’s more. The collaboration has also created an advantage for Creative Animal’s customers. The video content is better accessible on an international scale. The content delivery network makes it easier to stream the videos within the environments internationally, which allows attendees of the webinars and online live events to view the content from anywhere in the world.

Creative Animal about VIXY

“We had been looking for a media asset management platform for a long time, because the flow of data and customer information was done manually. VIXY makes setting up live streams much faster in operation. We are very satisfied with the solutions VIXY offers us as well as the fast and friendly way in which the customer service from the sales and technology people is provided.”

Jorrian Piek | Product owner at Creative Animal