Your own video streaming platform on web, tablet & TV

Launch your own corporate, sport, media or e-Learning VOD / OTT TV platform on web, tablet and mobile.

VIXY provides a whitelabel video channel with support for subscriptions (SVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD) & advertising (AVOD) to give your users easy access to your exclusive video content.

The most complete VOD / OTT TV platform on the market

VIXY is the all-in-one solution for managing, publishing, distributing and commercializing your video content, including: video hosting, CMS, CDN, HTML5 video player, transcoding, user management, payment integration, geo blocking, analytics and more.

Business models

Subscriptions – SVOD
Pay per view – TVOD
Advertising – AVOD
Freemium (Free & Premium)
Sponsored content
Live streaming

Who uses it?

Video content owners
Media publishers
Film distributors
Corporate / Enterprise organisations
Educational institutions
Sports clubs & music labels


Fully managed (SaaS)
White label: own branding & URL
Secure hosting
Payment integration
On demand & Live

Sell your videos online

Your own branding & URL

The video on demand platform is completely white label and customizable to your corporate identity, with your logo and color scheme. This way, you offer the viewer a unique and consistent viewing experience on every device.

The online findability of your video channel is important to us. That is why we built our on demand solution in a way that the URL structure of the genres, series and videos can be optimally indexed by Google. Of course, we always implement our solution on your own domain name.

Choose a successful pricing strategy

VIXY is for content owners who want to generate income with their own platform in a professional manner. What pricing strategy do you use to bring your video content to your users? The VIXY video channel offers you the flexibility to use multiple revenue models side by side. Create your own succesful pricing strategy!

Subscriptions (SVOD) & Pay Per View (TVOD)

Choose the pricing model that best suits your target group and video content. The on demand platform supports the sale of both subscriptions (SVOD) as well as pay per view (TVOD). This way you can offer individual videos, series or whole sub-categories to your users. Increase your conversion rate and build a loyal community.

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)

Pay-per-view (TVOD)

Ads for your content (AVOD)

Are you in a publishing market and do you want to show ads before your videos? You can! VIXY works closely with advertising platforms (SSPs) that can help you optimize your fill rate, allowing you to realize higher advertising revenue per video impression.

Video advertising (AVOD)

VIXY video management

Managing & publishing made easy

Manage and organize your video content with ease in our management console. Uploading is fast and easy with drag and drop. Quickly add videos to subchannels, series and categories. Set when content can go live. Manage your content lightning fast on every device, wherever you are.

Subchannels, series and playlists

The on demand platform is structured in a way so that your users can easily subscribe to sub-channels. You can also easily create series or a playlist. This gives you the opportunity to offer individual courses and series to your users.

Determine your revenue model, set your prices and start selling your content!

Subchannels, series and playlists

Analyze and improve

Get profound insights into your best performing videos, geographic playback and the most active users. The analytics give you insight into the registered users, subscriptions and the products the products that your users have purchased. What do they do exactly? What are they looking at? When do they view your content and for how long? Analyze their viewer behavior, improve your content based on your findings and make the experience better and even more powerful!


Content management
Create sub-channels
User profile pages
Video recommendations
Filtering and search
Interactivity / calls-to-action
Content scheduling
Custom metadata
Social sharing
Publish articles
Video subtitles
Video trailers (free preview)
Access control
Video analytics
Optimized for SEO
Video API

Availability & Experience

TV Channel for web, tablet and mobile
Casting to Google Chromecast & Apple TV
Extendable with Smart TV/OTT Apps
Interactive video experience
Personalized design
Player branding


Reliable VOD storage at NEP the Netherlands
Global CDN for superb video playback
HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH streaming
Adaptive streaming and bitrate
Upload and encode content

Extra features

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Geo blocking / geo fencing
Live streaming


Subscription based content (SVOD)
Transaction based content (TVOD)
Ads (AVOD)
Programmatic trading
Full intergration with Adyen
Payments via iDeal, Creditcard
Recurring payments

Customer support

Knowledge base / ticketing service
Bronze Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Silver Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Gold Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Custom SLA

Our client cases

Our driven, experienced team will gladly work with you and help you take the next step in your video content strategy. Read through some of our clients’ inspiring stories!