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What we do

VIXY offers the most powerful solutions for managing, publishing, converting, selling, and analyzing your video content. Our experienced team will help you take the next step in your video content strategy.

Easily manage, publish, and analyze your videos online. VIXY ensures safe video hosting and lightning-fast playback.

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Start up your branded video channel or market your video content with subscriptions, pay-per-view, and advertisements.

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Turn viewers into shoppers or optimize your customer service with the power of interactive videos.

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Increase your video results in 4 steps

What our customers say

Ultrafast video playback, great support and a team that advises us well on implementing new video solutions. We deliver more than 300.000 videos on a monthly basis to over 150 countries worldwide and are very content with VIXY.

Esther Ekhart

The VIXY team is innovative, flexible and result driven. A great advantage of working with VIXY is that they where both commercially and technically committed to help us reaching our online goals. Thanks!

Eric Joha

VIXY has an enthusiastic team of people who respond quickly to our needs. They work hard, are committed to help us and are flexible and service oriented. We are very pleased with the collaboration.

Linda Kuipers

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Please contact one of our online video experts. We'd be happy to give you personal advice about how you can get the most out of your video content.

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