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VIXY is the secure and user-friendly video platform professionals use to host, manage and stream live and on demand video.
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The user-friendly online video platform to stream video anywhere

We simplify your live and on-demand video workflow by delivering video from a scalable and secure video cloud.
Integrate our video player and connect with your audience on any device.
VIXY Online Video Platform

VIXY is part of NEP the Netherlands

Tackle complexity in online video

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Industry solutions

Leading brands & organizations use our Online Video Platform

Video solutions designed and built for specific industries

Effective corporate communication

Facilitate employee collaboration, improve internal training and broadcast live events with a secure and business-centric video streaming solution.

  • Secure ISO-27001 hosting & ultrafast playback experience
  • Work together with your entire team with extensive user management
  • Orchestrate your entire media workflow with our powerful DAM integrations
  • Save costs on support with interactive explainer videos
Online video for Enterprise

Let your video stand out in a crowded market

VIXY is thé video platform for digital publishers. Expand your reach, increase engagement and boost monetization with a video experience that stands out from the competition.

  • Manage and publish video from one single place to all your platforms
  • Monetize content with smart advertisements (AVOD) or subscriptions
  • Easily integrate with ad-servers, analytics tools and your own CMS
Online video for Publishers

Bring your classes online and grow your community

With VIXY and our new Streampac platform in particular, it’s easier than ever to launch your own streaming platform, grow your user base and monetize your valuable content. Our smart VOD & Live features let you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Offer both live & on-demand sport workouts in a beautiful online experience
  • Grow your online user base with smart affiliate marketing tools
  • Monetize sport workouts with ads, subscriptions and pay-per-view
  • Keep users engaged with personalized video recommendations and journeys
Online video for Fitness & Health

Create and monetize beautiful viewing experiences

From advanced security and ultrafast streaming to monetization through subscriptions, pay-per-view and ads: VIXY offers an all-in-one video streaming platform so you can stay focussed on content production, licensing & marketing.

  • Video player with built-in analytics and support for Chromecast & Apple TV
  • Monetize video with advertising (AVOD), subscriptions (SVOD) and pay-per-view (TVOD)
  • Launch your own Netflix streaming platform (OTT TV) with Streampac
Online video for Media & Entertainment

Stimulate effective learning with online video

From customer onboarding to training employees and providing live webinars, VIXY is the perfect platform to make your training videos more engaging and effective for learning.

  • Offer online courses that can be watched live or on-demand, anywhere and anytime on every device.
  • Stimulate learning and engagement through interactive video quizzing, polls and more.
  • Give each user their own personalized learning journey to increase the effectiveness of your video trainings.
  • Integrate VIXY with your existing LMS to gather even more learning insights.
Online video for Learning

Stream the biggest live events with our scalable infrastructure

Whether you are a company that wants to stream an event, training or internal communication or an artist or publisher in need of an interactive stream with high quality: with our Live Streaming you can easily set up a secure live event for your audience.

  • Implement live streaming capabilities in your existing on-demand workflow
  • Boost audience engagement with Q&A, Live Chat, Polls and more
  • Setup branded live events pages to get your event up and running in no-time
  • Privately publish your live stream or sell tickets to monetize your livestream
More about live events
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Built video websites & apps that scale

Use VIXY’s cloud transcoding API to automate your ingest, management and publication workflow of on-demand & live video. Stream the highest quality video with any format, including HLS, DASH, Progressive and protect your videos with advanced security features.

  • Leverage an integrated suite of video tools
  • Shorten your time to market and save on cost-of-ownership
  • High availability, enterprise-grade storage and streaming
  • Access hundreds of Video API’s & SDK’s with our API docs and API test console.
Integrate video in any website or app
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VIXY helps us to manage our on-demand video assets and ingest live streams flawlessly into our live interactive video platforms.

jorrian piek

Jorrian Piek

Product Owner, NEP the Netherlands

Ultrafast video playback, great support and a team that advises us well on implementing new video solutions. We deliver more than 500.000 videos on a monthly basis to over 150 countries worldwide and are very content with VIXY.

esther ekhart

Esther Ekhart


The VIXY team is innovative, flexible and result driven. A great advantage of working with VIXY is that they are both commercially and technically committed to help us reaching our online goals. Thanks!


Eric Joha

Business Developer,

VIXY is much more than just a team who builds your video platform. VIXY offers tailor-made service and thinks along with your requirements, specific needs and wishes. In addition to a technically very strong service, the team goes in search of substantive solutions and tries to provide the right answer to every question.

Tine van Kerkhoven

Tine van Kerkhoven

Dalton Film Distribution,

VIXY has an enthusiastic team of people who respond quickly to our needs. They work hard, are committed to help us and are flexible and service oriented. We are very pleased with the collaboration.

linda kuiper

Linda Kuiper

Online Marketeer,

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