Video metadata

With good metadata structure, you can make it simpler to search through your videos, make them more visible on various search engines, and you increase the involvement of the user.

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Good metadata structure

The VIXY Video Management System gives you the tools to properly structure video content and its associate meta data and to combine them in various ways, so that you can take a number of different approaches for their implementation. For example, you can make viewing recommendations with interesting and relevant videos based on the same tags or category of a video that a viewer previously watched. With the VIXY video player studio, you can easily create a video playlist that shows relevant videos to the viewer based on data.

Examples of metadata

  1. The title of the video
  2. The description of the video
  3. Tags (unique)
  4. Primary and sub-categories (list)
  5. Subtitles (.SRT file)
  6. Custom data fields

Create your own metadata arrangement

Media organizations and video-on-demand providers who set high standards for the indexing and searchability of their media library, have the option to expand their media library with custom data profiles using VIXY. This extra information can consist of text fields, date fields, a list with preset values, and video IDs.

By using the custom data arrangements, videos from, i.e. movie houses, can be indexed and shown based on the: author, genre, language, land, license, director, and production year.

Easier to find on the Internet

A significant advantage of using well-structured metadata is that this greatly increases the visibility of your videos in various search engines. The title, description, tags, and categories that you add to your videos are all typically indexed for being found easily on the Internet.

With the addition of searchable subtitles, you have even gone a step farther: the complete content of your videos can now be indexed word-for-word by various search engines, which optimizes your media library for SEO and generates more traffic to your video pages.

Subtitles and in-video searching

Add subtitles to your videos to make these easier to search for and find within your media library. With subtitles and our advance in-video search functionality, you can quickly and accurately find the correct video file and make your video content available to viewers from various countries.

Adding subtitles is simple: just upload an .SRT or .XML file to VIXY. Viewers can then select the right language in your video player.

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