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Video Management

Make video management simple with a central media library. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 videos, they will all be stored securely online..

Video management platform (OVP)

Are you interested in making online video a part of your communication strategy? Are you in search of options to improve the management and performance of your videos? Reach more viewers and increase your online results with the VIXY video platform.

With our video management platform, you can publish, manage, distribute, and analyze videos online with various users. Our enterprise solution makes video management simple for your organization. All your videos are stored securely and centrally and you can manage them from any location.

The advantages for your organization:

  1. The comfort of one central media library
  2. Store, organize, and modify videos reliably
  3. Extensive meta data and security
  4. Collaboration with multiple users
  5. Create your own video players and video playlist
  6. Lightning-fast publishing of your video content
  7. Real-time insight into the ROI of your videos

Collaboration with various users

Give your users roles and rights to manage specific aspects of your video library. You determine who has access to which areas of your video management system yourself.

This allows you to give your video producers individual access to upload videos directly, your employees and colleagues rights to publish videos, and your marketing bureau exclusive rights for viewing the video statistics. The VIXY video management system is perfect for working within organizations consisting of multiple divisions and media companies with multiple media titles.

Advanced video searches

In the video database, videos can be quickly found based on the title, description, category, tags, and meta data. VIXY also supports in-video searching. This allows you to search for a line used in all your video files. The exact location of this line and the video can be located thanks to indexed subtitles.

Clipping and trimming video fragments

It often happens that when a video has already been published and distributed online, it contains a small mistake. With VIXY, you can modify the source file without having to publish the video again. Would you like to segment your videos? Create multiple short fragments from a single long video or live stream. Each fragment has its own embed code and meta data, while remaining linked to the original video.

Create editorial workflows

Set up editorial workflows for your media editing. View the content of the video before it is published and check it for spam or offensive content. This is perfect for user-generated content. Protect your valuable video content by determining exactly who can see your published video content as well as when and where they will be able to see it.

Secure your video content

Our solutions offer end-to-end security to guarantee that your content can only be seen by authorized viewers. This allows you to publish protected videos for internal communications or for pay-per-view (SVOD) or subscription-based (AVOD) earnings models. Access to videos can be determined by: territory, country, IP address, specific time frame, and advanced server-side security profiles.

VIXY helps you to improve video results and sell your content online