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TVOD platform (Pay-Per-View)

Sell your video content by making it available as pay-per-view to your target group. Subsequently, viewers will pay per individual video they want to see.

What is TVOD?

TVOD stands for Transactional Video on Demand. Video on Demand (VoD) enables consumers to watch films, TV-series and TV-broadcasts whenever they want. With TVOD the viewer pays for every individual video that he wants to see (pay-per-view) in this video distribution model.

There are two very frequent applications within TVOD. The video is made available for a period of 48 hours or you purchase the video for unlimited playback. Known examples of this include iTunes and Google Play. Traditional cable providers such as KPN and Ziggo also offer the playback of TV-series and films from their set-top box against payment.

Benefits of TVOD

One of the main benefits of TVOD is that it caters to customers who only want to pay for the piece of content they will watch.

This means that with TVOD you can:

  • Easily bring more value since each piece of content would have its own price, allowing people to get exactly what they are paying for.
  • Offer less expensive content since you can set a lower price instead of charging more for a subscription fee and losing potential customers.
  • Have more flexibility with your pricing and offer content that’s available for a limited time or let your customers keep it forever.

In addition to TVOD, there are also other revenue models. For example monthly subscriptions (SVOD), or AVOD based on advertisements. Determine your revenue model yourself.

Your own pay-per-view channel

VIXY makes it possible to launch your own over-the-top video channel. This is where your users can purchase access to individual videos (TVOD), video packages or even complete subchannels. Apply your own logo and color scheme to offer the viewing experience that fits your brand. Above all, discover the comfort of offering your valuable videos via pay-per-view. VIXY makes the technique of generating new income with your video content within reach.

You get everything with VIXY’s audio/video streaming platform with zero revenue sharing. All your PPV revenues are directly linked to your bank account and VIXY has no intervention towards it whatsoever.

Set variable fees for Subscribers & Non-subscribers

VIXY understands all your needs to sell videos online. With VIXY, you can choose to provide different pricing to your existing subscribers, so that they can enjoy the PPV content at a much lesser price, giving them an upper-hand over Non-Subscribers.

While creating content for PPV streaming, you can configure multiple categories for the same content and sell videos online at multiple prices. For example, you may offer a content at €1 to consume in HD and at €2 for the same content in 4K HDR.

Accept payments via iDeal, Credit card and PayPal

Online payments on the video channel are processed and registered completely via the payment provider Adyen. Accept iDeal, credit card and PayPal transactions via the payment module of VIXY. Increase your insight into the number of registered users, the number of subscribers and for which videos these users have purchased products and/or services. Filter by completed payments and categorize users by demographic data such as age, membership type and country.