Create stunning video experiences with our collection of video API’s & SDK’s.

With the VIXY API you have access to hundreds of video API services. Integrate all processes, from video management to publication into your own website, mobile apps or your existing workflow such as an LMS or DAM system.


Shorten your time to market and save on cost-of-ownership

Shorten time to market

Online video is complex. By eliminating & outsourcing all heavy video processing to VIXY, you no longer have to worry about connecting all the bits and pieces. Instead you can focus on the front end & user experience.

White label and flexible

Add every feature and functionality of the VIXY Video Platform white-label on your own website, app, DAM or LMS. This means you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate VIXY’s various solutions, services, and widgets to create a unified experience.

Stunning video, on every device

Stunning video, on every device

We use the latest codecs, combined with high-performance storage and a global content-delivery network. This makes our infrastructure one of the best in the world thanks to a worldwide loading time that is up to 208% faster than other CDNs and up to 254% faster than setups where videos are only streamed from the proprietary server.

branded video player


Modular player with built-in analytics and support for Chromecast & Apple TV

Configure and customize the video player only for what you need, when you need it. Choose from a wide wide range of additional player plugins: from capturing rich video & user analytics to subtitles, related videos, playlists and support for Chromecast and Apple TV – our player covers it all.


Securely publish videos or premium content with access control & viewing tokens

Set advanced security settings on video level and allow playback by authorized users or paying members when you integrate your own paywall.

VIXY generates a unique token per viewing session to play a video. Each link that is delivered is only valid for 90 seconds. This prevents videos from being forwarded, embedded or otherwise prevents the unauthorized delivery of files. Your video content can be made available on the basis of the country, IP-address, domain, period and advanced service side security levels.

pay per view TVOD
video api


The VIXY API Client Libraries provide simple, flexible and powerful access to our platform API, player API & thumbnail API

We offer various API client libraries written in the most common programming languages: PHP4, PHP5, PHP Zend Framework, Ruby, Java, Javascript, Phyton, CSharp. Adobe Flex and NodeJS.


Integration support to help you get started, from development to API Docs & example code

To learn how to use the client libraries and see example code implementations, use our API Documentation and interactive API Test Console.

Use our API for:

  • Integrating specific video platform functions into your own website or application
  • Automating upload processes and existing workflows
  • Adding video statistics into your existing statistic
  • Creating a white label video solution, such as your own video-on-demand channel or OTT service.
  • Publishing protected videos within your own environment, which only allows authorized visitors to view them.

Ready to use the most flexible API on the market?

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