Easy setup

Stream live events without any technical experience or knowledge. Set up your RTMPfeed in just a few clicks and hit record. Record your stream in the cloud (DVR) and automatically make it available as on-demand.

Reliable & secure

Stay in control and experience buffering-free video playback with our adaptive HLS live streaming. Secure your live video with access control, tokens or watermarking.

Scale it up

Stream live video with our global CDN or utilize our integration with Ramp’s multicast eCDN for reliable streaming within corporate networks. Scale-up to thousands of participants with VIXY’s live streaming platform.

Peace of mind

Our experts are available 24/7 to provide assistance. For added peace of mind we offer tailored solutions to our customers where we provide extensive support before and during the event.


The biggest brands rely on VIXY to stream reliable live events


Everything you need to livestream

Live streaming is one of the best ways to connect in a meaningful and authentic way with your community. VIXY makes it easy to setup a secure livestream and connect with your employees, customers, subscribers, community or followers on your website or platform.

No technical knowledge required

Set up your live stream in just a few clicks

Our live streaming solution allows you to stream live events without requiring technical experience or knowledge. All you need is a stable connection at the location of the event for the upstream.

Set up your live stream in VIXY in just a few clicks: create a RTMP feed and go live! Our live encoding- and delivery in the cloud takes care of flawless live playback.

More about live streaming

create live streaming video
roc website live

Keep control over who can access your livestream

Secure your live stream with Access Control and Watermarking

Keeping your livestream in the right hands is important. That’s why VIXY gives you full control over your livestream. Publish your livestream with protection for internal communication, or to make it available behind a payment wall. Our solution offers end-to-end security to ensure that your livestream can only be watched by authorized viewers on your platform.

You can even protect your live stream from being recorded with unique watermarks embedded directly in the live stream.

Reach more live viewers on your own platform

Embed or integrate live video anywhere

Embed or integrate live streaming into your website, app, LMS or corporate environment. Easily integrate our live video player or even a complete live streaming workflow into your own application. The VIXY API Client Libraries provide simple, flexible and powerful access to our live streaming API and player API.

Video API & SDK’s

live streaming service

Stream live video on your website with no restrictions

Avoid restrictions or interruptions because of copyright infringement

When you stream your live-event you don’t want to worry about an unintentional copyright takedown for playing music in the background. Avoid restrictions or interruptions which are often the case with free live streaming platform such as Vimeo and Youtube, and take full control by using VIXY.

Reach your audience everywhere, even on office networks (eCDN)

Scale from a few events to 24/7 live broadcasts

Take advantage of cloud transcoding, DVR, automatic live recording and our global CDN to stream the biggest events. Make your live stream ready for publishing as a on-demand video within minutes after the live event.

Utilize our integration with Ramp Multicast CDN to stream reliable and secure in office networks where bandwidth connectivity is limited.

Adaptive HLS provides your viewers with buffer-free, high quality streaming experiences.

Scale up your live streaming


Add live Q&A, polls, quizzes and more to your livestream

Empower your audience to ask questions, vote in polls and be a part of the discussion by using a Q&A and polling tool. VIXY provides an integration with Sli.do so people can submit questions, upvote ideas and ask hosts private questions during your live event.
  • live polls
  • vixy live QA
  • vixy get feedback on video meeting
  • interactive shopping video


Whitelabel event pages to host & scale your live event

Quickly setup your live event with our branded event pages where viewers can access your live stream with a unique code or password. Allow up to 50.000 simultaneous participants for your event and even more upon request.

Investor relation events

A virtual shareholder meeting is a gathering of a company’s shareholders held online, providing a convenient and accessible forum for remote participation. Shareholders can vote on company decisions, elect board members, and ask questions of the company’s management, all from the comfort of their own location.

  • Secure: one simultaneous viewing session per code or allow participants to access with a password.
  • Watermarking: unique watermarks directly embedded in the stream make it impossible for participants to record the stream.
shareholder meeting

Corporate events and virtual conferences

With VIXY.TV you can easily setup your own corporate event, fashion show or virtual conference. Provide a convenient and accessible digital event for attendees where they can engage in keynote speeches, workshops, networking sessions and participate in interactive Q&A sessions.

  • Own branding: customizable on artwork, header, logo.
  • Breakout sessions: host multiple rooms and stream multiple live sessions at the same time.
  • Secure: one simultaneous viewing session per code or allow participants to access with a password.
  • Watermarking: unique watermarks directly embedded in the stream make it impossible for participants to record the stream.
corporate live event

Generate buzz and increase brand & product awareness

Showcase your product’s features, benefits, and unique selling points, along with demonstrating testimonials from experts or early adopters. Online product launches offer a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to create buzz around their new offering, generate excitement among customers, and reach a wider audience beyond their physical location.

  • Secure: one simultaneous viewing session per code or allow participants to access with a password.
  • Watermarking: unique watermarks directly embedded in the stream make it impossible for participants to record the stream.
product launch

Host effective virtual education sessions

Virtual trainings and educational sessions offer you a flexible and cost-effective way to deliver high-quality learning experiences to a global audience. With VIXY.TV you can choose to host a single event or program an event with multiple rooms and breakout sessions.

  • Own branding: customizable on artwork, header, logo.
  • Interactivity: participants can engage with live polls, Q&A, etc.
  • Secure: one simultaneous viewing session per code or allow participants to access with a password.
  • Ticketing: sell tickets via one of our partners or choose your own (Ticketmaster or Eventix).
virtual training

Your own online stage

The more viewers the better! We create a unique landing page with an SEO-friendly URL where viewers can access your livestream with a unique code. The streaming page will be set up in the look & feel of the event. You can sell tickets via one of our partners (Eventix or Ticketmaster) or choose a ticketing partner of your own.

  • Own branding: customizable on artwork, header, logo.
  • Secure environment: one simultaneous viewing session per code or ticket.
  • Live or pre-recorded: support for both live and pre-recorded concerts.
  • Scale up: our live streaming pages are scalable to allow for up to 50.000 simultaneous viewers and even more upon request.
live concert platform

Proud to help grow hundreds of companies

Take a look at our client cases and see how other organizations successfully use VIXY for their video content strategy

VIXY helps us to manage our on-demand video assets and ingest live streams flawlessly into our live interactive video platforms.

jorrian piek

Jorrian Piek

Product Owner, NEP the Netherlands

Ultrafast video playback, great support and a team that advises us well on implementing new video solutions. We deliver more than 500.000 videos on a monthly basis to over 150 countries worldwide and are very content with VIXY.

esther ekhart

Esther Ekhart

Owner, Ekhartyoga.com

The VIXY team is innovative, flexible and result driven. A great advantage of working with VIXY is that they are both commercially and technically committed to help us reaching our online goals. Thanks!


Eric Joha

Business Developer, www.achmea.nl

VIXY is much more than just a team who builds your video platform. VIXY offers tailor-made service and thinks along with your requirements, specific needs and wishes. In addition to a technically very strong service, the team goes in search of substantive solutions and tries to provide the right answer to every question.

Tine van Kerkhoven

Tine van Kerkhoven

Dalton Film Distribution, www.dalton.be

VIXY has an enthusiastic team of people who respond quickly to our needs. They work hard, are committed to help us and are flexible and service oriented. We are very pleased with the collaboration.

linda kuiper

Linda Kuiper

Online Marketeer, www.binck.nl

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