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User Analytics

Insight into the viewing behavior of your videos at user level

Statistics at user level

Do you manage a video portal where users get access to watch your videos after they have logged in? By linking the user profile to the VIXY video platform, you can see exactly how often a user watches a video and if someone has watched a video until the end. This is for instance important information when your users are obligated to watch a number of videos until the end for accreditation purposes.

Increase your insight into:

  • Videos watched
  • Number of views
  • Average viewing time per video
  • Drop-out moment per video
  • Behavior before and after watching the video
google event tracking - vixy

Insight into the customer journey on your website

Add the Google Analytics code of your website to your video player to gain insight into the customer journey of the visitor on your website. This gives you answers to questions such as: through which channels does my target group end up on the website and what actions do my viewers perform during or directly after watching a video.

The VIXY video player has standard advanced event tracking functionality with which statistics of all events in the player are sent back to Google Analytics.

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