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When to consider your own in-house production studio?

With an in-house studio, the threshold for creating a video is many times lower than when you have to hire an external party. But there is also a downside: an in-house studio is quite an investment. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what to think about when considering an in-house studio.

1. The role of video in your communication strategy

The first and most important question is: how big and important is video in your communication strategy? If you plan to make videos, live streams, and webinars on a regular basis, setting up an in-house studio may be worthwhile. If you have your own in-house studio, the threshold for recording a video or doing a webcast is many times lower than if you had to ask an external party to do it for you. With your own studio, you can quickly make productions yourself. Everyone can experiment as much as they want and gain experience with what works and what doesn’t. If the result is not as desired, you just do the recording again, which is something you don’t do so quickly if you have to get back in touch with an external party. In short: the threshold is lower and the level of convenience is higher.

If you don’t use video as much, then outsourcing your video production is undoubtedly more efficient, since you also get to make use of their knowledge and expertise.

2. Location and space

If you decide to go for in-house video production, there should be a space that is specially equipped for video production. At the very least, that space must be soundproof. It would be useful if there are no windows in the room or if the windows can be darkened. That way you cannot be surprised by sudden sunlight or a thundercloud on a (otherwise perfectly) clear day.

Does your organization run multiple brands? Then furnish the studio with a green screen, so that you can easily create a background with a different color, image, or logo. This enables you to easily tailor the entire look of your video to your target group.

If your company has several locations, choose the location that is most centrally located.

3. Team

A complete team with a video producer, a video editor, a cameraman, a sound engineer, and a make-up artist is a bit too ambitious and expensive for most organizations. It is recommended to have at least someone in house who knows what is involved in producing a video. This person can advise whether a professional crew needs to be called in or whether you can arrange everything yourself.

4. Technology

If you want your videos to look professional, it is important to invest in a good video camera, a good microphone, and the right lighting. That equipment certainly does not have to be the most expensive out there. However, the possibilities are overwhelming so it is good to be informed about this.

The bandwidth of your network connection is perhaps even more important when we talk about technology. A stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth is crucial for the quality of your broadcast. Viewer engagement will drop significantly if the video and audio are not in order. If your image freezes all the time or jumps every few seconds, then your message will unfortunately be completely lost.

Video supports your message

Whatever choice you make, in the end, the quality of the message makes or breaks the video. Is your story unclear and incoherent? No matter how beautifully produced your video is, your message remains unclear and incoherent. If you have a story that stands out, then the good quality of your video will only support your message. VIXY and NEP the Netherlands have all the expertise in-house to provide you with the best advice on setting up your own in-house studio and what else is involved in a successful live registration and broadcast, among others.

Curious about an in-house video studio?

Are you curious about what is the best choice for your organization? We are happy to talk to you so that we can give you personalized advice. Do not hesitate to contact us, we would like to get to know you!


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