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Subscriptions (SVOD)

Sell your video content to your viewers for a fixed price per month or year and create recurring revenue streams with your own video on demand platform

subscription svod

What is SVOD?

SVOD stands for Subscription Video on Demand. Video on Demand (VoD) enables consumers to watch videos, films, TV-series and TV-broadcasts whenever they want. With SVOD users can watch video at a fixed price per month.

The best known examples of subscription video streaming services are Netflix and HBO On Demand. You have unlimited access to watch series and films at a price of €9.95 per month. The Netherlands also has several providers such as Videoland On Demand of RTL and Pathé Thuis. Both SVOD platforms are hosted and streamed from the same infrastructure as VIXY in Hilversum.

Start your own video subscription platform

VIXY makes it possible to start your own over-the-top video platform. Users can get access to all your videos or a portion of the video platform at a fixed price per month just like vod platform Netflix.

Our VOD solution is highly customizable and goes further then just adding your own logo and color scheme. We offer a white label streaming experience that completely fits your brand. Above all, discover the comfort of offering your valuable videos via subscriptions. VIXY makes the technique of generating recurring income with your video content within reach.

Our platform also supports the use of multiple VOD business models like TVOD and AVOD.

Create Custom SVOD Plans

With your VIXY’s platform you can create flexible packages and customize subscription video plans for your SVOD streaming platform. You can offer your video on demand content based in monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans to your subscribers. You can either offer the entire video and audio library or allow user to watch only parts of it under subscriptions.

Automated recurring payments

SVOD is a the best way to generate recurring revenue and build a sustainable video business model. VIXY auto-renewal feature allows you to automatically renew the subscriber’s video subscription at the end of their cycle. In any case, if your subscribers’ card is blocked or has surpassed its limit on the date of their renewal, VIXY automatically charges the card back in a week’s time, all this without clicking a single button. You don’t want to miss out on subscriptions while managing your own SVOD platform!

Accept payments via iDeal, Credit card and PayPal

Online payments on the video channel are processed and registered completely via the payment provider Stripe. Accept iDeal, credit card and PayPal transactions via the payment module of VIXY. Increase your insight into the number of registered users, the number of subscribers and for which videos these users have purchased products and/or services. Filter by completed payments and categorize users by demographic data such as age, membership type and country.