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Calls-To-Action & Lead Generation

Convert viewers into buyers with effective calls-to-action. Easily add buttons, products, brochures and fill-out forms to your video player

Online video as conversion tool

Online retails embrace the use of online video to increase conversion and results. Companies that adopt video in their online strategy achieve results in every dimension of their e-commerce organization.

Consumers who watch product videos are more inclined to purchase a product. Research by Forster shows that interactive video results in more commitment (90% watches until the end of the video), a significantly higher click-through ratio (5%-12%) and a sales conversion rate (growth 380%)*. The viewers get directly to the right place in your webshop thanks to in-video calls-to-action.

Adding calls-to-action yourself

You simply add calls-to-action to the video player in the VIXY player studio, such as clickable buttons, links, products and brochures. This allows you to actively steer the viewers to taking the next step while they watch the video.

Think of opening an external website or application or placing a product in the shopping cart. Subsequently, event tracking shows you which videos the viewers find interesting and what they’re clicking on. This helps you know exactly which videos convert well.

* Source: Forrester Research: Move beyond Awareness With Interactive Video

interactive video convert viewers to buyers

Result in every dimension of your e-commerce strategy

Companies that adopt video in their online retail strategy achieve results in every dimension of their e-commerce organization.

Higher order value

Online video increases both the average number of products and the price of each product that consumers put in their shopping cart. Retailers experience a 45% increase in the average order value.

Video increases the SEO value

Online retailers that utilize product videos experience an increase in their organic search results. Product videos that are placed on social media, generate extra direct traffic to the right place in your webshop via clickable elements in your video player.

Fewer returned products

Online video helps consumers make better choices because of clearer explanation about the product. This causes a decrease of the number of returned products, a better buying experience and higher conversion within your webshop.

Generate leads and registrations with fill-out forms

Fill-out forms are an easy and effective way to share knowledge, generate leads and simultaneously expand your email file.

Our video player lets you easily add fill-out fields to your video player so that viewers can directly leave their data. This allows you to actively encourage downloading a white paper, planning an appointment, subscribing to the newsletter or getting in contact with your sales and support division.

VIXY helps you to improve video results and sell your content online