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With subtitling, you make your videos available for viewers in various countries, improve the ability to search through your videos, and ensure greater visibility on the Internet.

Extend your reach with multi-language videos

Make videos available to viewers from various countries. Easily add subtitling tracks to your videos by uploading them in .SRT or .XML format to the media library. Your viewers will now have the option to select the desired language from the video player.

The advantages of subtitling

  1. Extend your reach by offering multi-language options in the video player.
  2. Improve the ability to search through your videos in the library.
  3. Improve the visibility of your videos on the Internet due to better indexing of your videos by search machines such as Google.
  4. You will also be making your videos accessible to the 1.5 million deaf and hearing impaired people in the Netherlands alone.

Video SEO: subtitling ensures better Internet visibility

By adding subtitles, you are taking that extra step with respect to SEO: the full content of your videos can now be indexed word-for-word by search machines such as Google. This places your videos higher in the search results and generates more traffic to the website or application where your video is embedded. For this reason alone, subtitles are an excellent method for increasing the visibility of your videos.

Improve the ability to search through the media library

With subtitles and our advanced in-video search functionality, you increase your ability to search through your media library, in addition to broadening your reach. Your videos become better indexed by the internal search engine, which can help users find the video they are searching for faster.

Make your videos accessible for the deaf and hearing impaired

The Dutch Association for the Hearing Impaired and the National Hearing Foundation estimate that there are roughly 1.5 million deaf and hearing-impaired people in the Netherlands. This number will continue to increase in the years to come due to aging. With subtitling, you ensure that your videos are also available for this audience, which allows you to get your message across to them as well.

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