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Apple TV

Apple TV is a streaming media player that plugs into your television via HDMI and allows users to play data from iOS devices and partner sources. AirPlay was first introduced in September 2010, having previously been called AirTunes and available only for audio streaming.  Apple TV’s competitors include Roku, Amazon FireTV, and Google Chromecast. Apple TV is a popular choice among cord-cutters who want to keep costs low.

What is Apple TV Airplay 2

Apple AirPlay 2 is the technology that makes it possible to stream content from your iPhone, iPad and iMac to another device. For example, if you watch an episode of your favorite series on your phone and want to enjoy it on a larger screen, you simply click on the AirPlay logo, select your TV and the series continues on the television within seconds. But it doesn’t just apply to images, even if you’re listening to music, you can quickly stream it to the speaker in your room at the push of a button. Apple AirPlay 2 is the latest version of the AirPlay protocol. It is a great way to stream videos. You can easily enjoy online content on your TV: movies, TV shows, series, music, and much more.

How does Apple TV work

Apple AirPlay 2 works via WiFi, or to be more precise via WiFi directly. This is a technique where two devices (the name says it all) connect directly to each other via WiFi. This does not require a separate Wi-Fi network, so you can easily use it even if you don’t have access to the Wi-Fi network or if there isn’t one (for example, in a holiday home). Simply put, the iPhone sends out a Wi-Fi signal that is picked up by the speaker or TV to make its own connection that is separate from other connections. The advantage of this is that you can easily send data via high bandwidths and that you can stream in high quality almost without interference.

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