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Workflow Platform for High Quality Content Creation, Digital Asset Management and Channel Distribution.

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About the collaboration

The Qonqord Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform ensures that your digital assets, enriched digital brand content, like photos, designs, texts, logos, videos and other imagery, are managed in a safe environment, are made searchable and that you can unlock and distribute them to all stakeholders in the marketing-, sales en publish process. VIXY takes care of the video publishing part in this particular solution.

Digital asset management is fundamental for marketing infrastructure

Qonqord DAM is also the foundation of your marketing IT infrastructure. The DAM system can be linked to a Web CMS platform such as WordPress and Drupal. In addition, links are possible with, for example, a PIM system (Product Information Management) Sharepoint and with CRM systems such as Salesforce.

Thanks to such integrations, a product manager or editor no longer has to worry about using the wrong logo or product image. Large numbers of images (for campaigns) can be automatically uploaded to the website.

The business case

  • Less time spent looking for the right files
  • All involved can find and use brand assets 24/7; marketing, sales, local branches, countries, offices, photographer, designer, web Designer, media agency.
  • More efficient reuse of brand content.
  • Improved collaboration between different content teams (web, app, print).
  • Improved collaboration between marketing and sales.
  • Opportunities for cross selling by being able to easily rebrand content.
  • Shorter lead times for campaigns.
  • Accelerated time2market.
  • Improved corporate identity monitoring.
  • Opportunities local marketing (dealers, distributors).
  • More and better customer experiences.
  • Facilitate cross channel publishing and communication.

Learn more…

If you want to learn more about the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions from Qonqord visit their website.