Subtitle your videos automatically with the software from Triple8


About the collaboration

Triple8 uses AI and machine learning to subtitle your videos in a few minutes. With their simple editor you can make corrections and choose from 11 languages for your subtitles. You can then upload these subtitles in VIXY and add them to your videos.

Triple8’s mission is to make subtitles so accessible that it becomes the standard.

Stap 1: Upload your video 

Triple8 will subtitle your videos in the language spoken in the video or in 10 other languages (Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Frisian). You can upload your video in any common video format.

Stap 2: Triple8 converts your audio into text

Stap 2: Triple8 converts your audio into text

They do this by means of machine learning, AI and a combination of the best speech engines in the world. Check the output in the Triple8 editor and correct whatever is necessary to make sure your video is exactly how you want it.

Stap 3: Download your subtitled video

You will receive your fully subtitled video in your mailbox in next to no time. You can then immediately share the video on your own social media channels or your website via VIXY. We will also provide the .srt file of your subtitling and a square version of your video.

Stap 3: Download your subtitled video

Learn more about video transcription and subtitling on our blog: