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How to secure your videos with tokenized video delivery

Tokenized video delivery provides protection when delivering video content. The token ensures that video content can only be played by an authorized user. The information in the token determines which checks are performed. This way video can be played based on the following checks:

  • Presence or absence of a valid token
  • Viewers IP address
  • Source URL of the video
  • Expiration time of the token

For playing a video, VIXY generates a unique token for every viewing session. Every link that is deliverd is valid for only 90 seconds due to tokenized video delivery. This prevents linking, embedding or otherwise unauthorized delivery of the files. It also makes the recording of streams more complex (which isn’t made impossible when using DRM either).

HDS delivery

HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming) is Adobe’s format to deliver fragmented mp4 files (fMP4). It basically means that the video file is cut up in tiny bits of 2, 4, 8 or 10 seconds. This method makes ripping an entire movie harder.

How tokenized video delivery works

  1. The token authentication process starts when a viewer goes to the website and clicks the play button in the player.
  2. The player sends a token request to the VIXY-server
  3. The server determines if the user is authorized to watch the video
  4. If so, an authorization token is then added to the stream and is sent back to the player. The viewer is now able to play the video file (or the audio file).
  5. If the token doesn’t get sent back, the viewer will receive a notification saying the user is not authorized for the playback of the video file (or audio file).

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