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Press release: KNRM professionalizes media archive and online learning environment

Hilversum / IJmuiden, 23 October 2017 – The Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) turned to Nep for archiving, editing and publication of film footage. With NEP’s media archive Media Repository, KNRM can store and distribute its historical and recent content in an intuitive way. In addition, the VIXY Video platform is used to publish all video content safely and easily within the e-learning environment. The complete system will be fully operational in the spring of 2018. TEAM ENG will be creating the material for the online learning environment

The 1.300 professionaly trained volunteers of the KNRM save more than 3.000 people at see and the inland waters annualy. The volunteers are on standby to go out there 24/7 in all weather conditions, from 45 rescue stations with 75 lifeboats. As an independent rescue organization, the KNRM depends strongly on donations and benefits and brand awareness amongst the Dutch population. For this they regularly use images of rescue operations and voluntary work.

The KNRM uses the services of NEP for archiving and retrieving all this footage easily, quickly edit them into useful content for news services and publish them on digital platforms. With media archive Media Repository, KNRM can store and distribute its historical and recent content in an intuitive way. The content is always available, securely stored, web-based accessible, in high resolution and always available. KNRM can enrich the content themselves with metadata, which ensures that video footage can be found easily and quickly. Thanks to the rights management system, KNRM can also determine who has acces to certain content.

The voluntary crew members on the lifeboats are registering their work on film more often nowadays. This film footage is being used for training courses and exercises for the rescuers, they form the basis of the curriculum that is offered on an e-learning platform. KNRM has developed its own training system, so that the organization itself can offer training courses for rescue homes. To publish this video content safely and easily within the e-learning environment, they use the VIXY video platform. This enables the video content to be accessed from all devices; on desktops, mobile devices as well as tablets. Since 2016, NEP is co-owner of VIXY, a video management solution that enables publishers and video content owners to manage, publish and analyze video content in a professional way.

Ralf van Vegten, CIO NEP The Netherlands: “I am very excited about this collaboration. The KNRM has an indispensable function from a social point of view and is a beautiful and visually appealing charity. Our technical solution enables the KNRM to make better use of this with video content. As a company we have had an intensive relationship with KNRM for quite some time. Four NEP colleagues are voluntary crew member at KNRM and we sponsor a serie of vlogs.”

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