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Kaltura Video Platform for online learning and training

Kaltura is the video e-learning solution for educational institutes and organizations to train students and employees. Add video to your digital learning environment.

Instructing and training with video

Do you wish to support and further develop the skills of your employees in a short period of time whenever it suits them? Video learning can help your organization with that. Your employee can learn something new every day in small segments of just a few minutes. With video learning, your employee has complete control. Did someone not completely understand something? That person can watch the video again at his own pace on a desktop, mobile device, tablet or even TV.

Kaltura Video Platform for e-Learning:

  1. Integrate video easily with your own learning management system (LMS)
  2. Enable video learning on every device
  3. A safe and protected environment for knowledge sharing, training, collaboration and corporate communication.
  4. The power of a worldwide open source video community
  5. The most complete video solution for online teaching

VIXY, your Dutch Kaltura partner

VIXY is the key Dutch Kaltura partner and specialist. We have been hosting Kaltura completely in-house since 2010, on a 100% uptime fiberglass network in Hilversum. This makes us the first company in the Netherlands which further develops the Kaltura video platform in-house and the only Dutch Kaltura partner who employs Kaltura developers. Our developers have years of experience with Kaltura and work on the Kaltura infrastructure daily. We develop new Kaltura techniques and offer professional support for complex integration issues regarding the setup of your online learning environment.

VIXY has been a certified Kaltura developer since 2012.

Kaltura: Open Source Learning Video Platform

Kaltura is the open source e-learning video platform. A worldwide community is continually working on developing it even further. By opening up the source code of the video platform, developers worldwide can work on improving innovative video solutions. There are numerous e-learning plugins which are not yet offered at this time by standard video platforms. Consider for instance, interactivity and plugins for learning management systems such as Moodle.

When it comes to training and instructing employees, large global market leading organizations such as Nestlé, Philips, AkzoNobel, HBO, Disney, Yale, Pearson have opted to work with an open source video management solution. Forrester published an independent study in the beginning of 2015 about the best enterprise video learning solutions.

Online Video Platform

Integrate Kaltura within your own learning management system (LMS)

Every process within the Kaltura video platform is accessible via the API. VIXY helps you integrate all video processes and widgets of the Kaltura video learning platform within your own application such as your own learning environment, intranet or e-learning software package. As a result, your employees and students do not need to get used to a new system and you can get started right away with uploading videos. VIXY completed integrations earlier with online learning solutions such as Moodle, ANewSpring and BrightAlley.

Reliable Kaltura hosting in the Netherlands (ISO 27001 certified & GDPR-proof)

Employees must be able to share video safely within your digital learning environment and thereby learn from each other’s experiences. The Kaltura player offers end-to-end security to ensure that the video content can only be watched by authorized viewers.

Several security levels ensure that the video content is well protected against outsiders. Your video content can be made available on the basis of the country, IP-address, domain, period and advanced service side security levels. We also set up a federated login with your corporate network (Single Sign-On).

Your e-learning videos are hosted in our data center in the Netherlands. NEP The Netherlands in Hilversum meets the requirements of the international information security standard on (ISO27001). VIXY is the only worldwide provider of Kaltura hosting on a Dutch server infrastructure and therefore falls entirely under Dutch legislation.

Increase online learning results with interactive video

Relevance has never been more important than it is now, given the sea of information on the web. By adding interactivity, the viewer himself can make choices while watching the video. As a result, you create a self-controlled and interactive learning experience that leads to higher learning efficiency. The student walks through several scenarios while watching the video, can answer additional information and questions and gets targeted feedback. The result is more insight into complex issues and higher learning efficiency.

Video Analytics provide insights into the yield of video learning

By linking the user profile to the video platform, you can see how often a user watches a video and if an employee has watched the video until the end. This involves crucial information to make timely adjustments and get the best learning efficiency from your video learning environment. In addition, this is also very important information when using videos for accreditation purposes.

vixy video on demand

Start your own e-learning video channel for online training and knowledge sharing

VIXY developed the video channel especially for content owners, enterprises and educational institutes based on Kaltura. It is a corporate YouTube where you offer your employees a central location to discover, watch and share videos. VIXY can launch the channel within three weeks. Apply your own logo and color scheme to offer the viewing experience that fits your brand. Alliander, among others, uses the solutions to stimulate knowledge sharing between employees in an accessible manner with more than 7,500 professionals. An employee shares his knowledge online by posting video content that seems relevant for others.