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RTMP Server

RTMP Server is the open-source address used to form connections that allow users to stream video and audio over the internet. Developed by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe, the TCP-based technology splits information into chunks to deliver streams seamlessly.

An RTMP server is the technical setup that is used to receive an RTMP data stream via RTMP ingest. Basically, an RTMP server is equipped with the necessary tools to receive and decode video files that are being transported from an encoder or other source. Bcause today’s HTML5 players require HTTP-based protocols like HLS, a media server or streaming service can be used to ingest an RTMP stream and transcode it into a more playback-friendly alternative. The most common live streaming workflow out there is RTMP to HLS. Using a combination of RTMP and HLS helps maximize compatibility without pushing latency too high. This architecture also allows broadcasters to use well-supported protocols on either end of the live video delivery chain.

There are two popular ways to access RTMP server hosting

  1. Via an Online Video Platform: RTMP servers are created based on standard server technology, and they are often built into your online video platform (like VIXY) or the platform that you’ve created to self-host your video content. Video platforms supports RTMP ingest and has RTMP servers. This approach doesn’t involve much technical know-how or support from an experienced developer. The RTMP server hosting happens behind the scenes, so connecting your RTMP-compatible sources is as simple as copying and pasting a URL.
  2. Create Your Own RTMP Server: Developers first need to choose a server-building tool to create their RTMP server. Adobe Media Server, Red 5, Wowza’s engine are some of the top offerings. After connecting your RTMP encoder to for example the Wowza platform, you’ll just to decide which format(s) you’d like to use for delivery. To try out your workflow, you need a video player with support for MPEG DASH and HLS on Safari.

Hopefully by now, you got a good understanding of what is an RTMP server, how it can support your live streams, and what the current alternatives are. Streaming protocols and video broadcasting can be a highly complex and technical field. Luckily, video platforms like VIXY keep the complexity under the hood while offering the end-user, you, a convenient and powerful interface that allows you to do everything you want to do with your live stream without standing in the way of your creativity and your goals.