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Using video in the candidate screening and selection process, how does it work?

We now know that videos are versatile. In our previous blog, we explained that they can be used for human resources. But did you know that you can also use video during the screening process? Today, we are talking to Jamil from our partner Flipbase to find out exactly how candidate screening videos work, why you should use them, and which tools you can use for this.

In an earlier interview with Flipbase, we already discussed the ins and outs of recruitment videos, which are videos produced by recruiters instead of candidates. Within Flipbase, these are called Culture Branding videos. Would you like to know how employers can use video to promote talent?

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Candidate screening videos

What exactly are candidate screening videos?

“You can see candidate screening videos as an innovative form of resume screening, in which video is used in the application process. The applicants or candidates create videos to apply for a particular vacancy. The ‘candidates’ are therefore ‘screened’ on the basis of the videos they submit. Recruiters evaluate these videos.”

Sounds amazing! How should we visualize that? Like videos in which people introduce themselves or more video interviews?

“Not necessarily video interviews, because they are not online video calls but the strength lies in the asynchronous. The candidates can record videos whenever it suits them.”

What types of candidate screening can we distinguish?

“The first form is video motivation. Simply put, this is a motivation letter in video form. Candidates are then asked to take a motivational video on a particular job, with a duration of 1 or 2 minutes, for example. This can be done while applying in the form or immediately after applying. Recruiters can also choose to record the instructions as a video to make the recruiting process as fun, interactive, and personal as possible.

The second form is video assessment. This does not necessarily replace a telephone intake, but is more like a second interview. Think of it as recruitment software where the candidate has to answer one or more questions with videos. The candidate is given the time to record an answer to certain questions. To make the applications as authentic as possible, the candidate only has one attempt. As HR, you can then look back at these answers and filter out the top talent.

The third form is video collaborate. This offers the possibility to share the videos of candidates with your colleagues and hiring managers. A kind of presentation, in which you can work together. This is especially important in this day and age, as most communication takes place online. This way, you can easily identify the candidates who stand out the most to share and then assess together with your colleagues.”

The advantages of candidate screening videos

You have already mentioned the advantage that the human resources department can better filter top talent. What other advantages does candidate screening have for the person who receives the video?

“The most important advantage is that you don’t miss out on talent. Simply but, you can discover talent faster and easier. But you also get to know a candidate earlier and better, because it is more personal than a motivation letter. This way, you can better determine whether someone fits within a company, but that has more to do with recruitment videos. Also, a big advantage is the integrity of the recruitment process: the choices are less biased as you can ‘really’ see you the person. In addition, the asynchrony has the advantage that it saves a lot of time and money, which is often useful and valuable for busy recruiters or human resource employees. Among other things, it is more efficient to make joint decisions, because it is much easier to involve your colleagues.”

The 5 benefits for recruiters

  1. Easier to discover top talent faster
  2. Easier to determine whether someone really fits in the company because you get to know him / her better
  3. Less biased hiring decisions
  4. Easier to involve colleagues
  5. Saves time and money

Is it also beneficial for the candidates themselves?

“Hell yes! Candidates can distinguish themselves better with candidate screening videos. Especially if you are new to the job market, it is quite difficult to work your way through those selection processes. Videos allow you to market yourself that little bit better. Candidates also often experience it as more fun than the traditional application procedures; making a video is much more fun and innovative than just another CV and cover letter. Finally, the section about ‘fair recruitment decisions’ is of course also an advantage for the applicant, because s/he gets fair chances through a fair trial.”

How to get started with candidate screening videos

If companies want to get started with candidate screening videos, what’s the best way or place to start?

“We recommend three steps to determine how best to use videos during the selection processes:

  1. Importance as a company: there must be a strategy behind it, otherwise candidate screening videos don’t make much sense. Companies often do not think long enough about what they consider important and therefore find it difficult to determine how to use videos in the selection processes. So look for each vacancy to see whether a video motivation would be useful here and what kind of video would be appropriate.
  2. Place in process: once you have determined which vacancies you want to use videos for, it is time to determine where in the process you will use your video. To give an example: suppose you need store employees and want to know immediately if someone is friendly and enthusiastic enough, then a video motivation would be a good fit. If it concerns a complex position, video assessment (so during a kind of second interview) can offer a solution.
  3. Intended information: last but not least, think about what you want to know about the candidate. This is often overlooked, while it actually makes the selection process more efficient.”

Which platform can people use best, Flipbase or VIXY?

“It just depends on what you want. The Flipbase platform is an out-of-the-box recruitment and candidate screening tool that you can easily integrate into your own website, recruitment software, or app. If you would like one central media library where you can upload, manage, edit, and publish all recruitment videos and candidate screening videos with the entire organization, then the VIXY Video Platform is also suitable. VIXY also offers a video API that takes all the complexity surrounding video off your hands.”

Thanks to Flipbase!

We once again had the honor to interview Flipbase for this blog, thank you! Jamil from Flipbase knows what he is talking about when talking about candidate screening videos, because Flipbase offers video technology that makes it possible to integrate video communication directly into existing processes and systems. As a recruiter or HR department, you can easily use video during the recruitment process. The videos fully integrate with the tracking systems of companies, making the flow and intake of candidates much more efficient and clearer.