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Open Source Video Player

An open-source video player is a software program that can be used to play video files but developed in a way where users can use and modify the software in any way they wish. Since it’s open-source, you may find additional codecs and updates that play additional video file types that aren’t supported by the standard software. You can roughly distinguish two types of open source video players. 

  1. You have the open source online video player that are used by developers in websites and apps. An example of an open source video player is Video.js. It is an open source library for working with video on the web, also known as an HTML video player. Video.js is a web video player built from the ground up for an HTML5 world. It supports HTML5 video and modern streaming formats. It supports video playback on desktop and mobile devices. The project was started mid 2010, and now has hundreds of contributors and is used on over 450,000 websites. Videojs is a tool in the Javascript Utilities & Libraries category of a tech stack.
  2. And you have the video players that end-users download to their computer to play video for Linux, Windows and Mac. One of the most familiar video players is  VLC Player. VLC has maintained its performance and credibility from past so many years due to its cross platform type structure. Its effective framework can play almost all popular media files. It can play everything ranging from stream, devices, webcams, discs to simple media files.