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Multi Bitrate Streaming (MBR)

Multi-Bitrate is a streaming method that allows viewers to access the quality of video content that fits their internet connection speeds. By using multi-bitrate streaming, even viewers with a poor internet connection can enjoy high-quality videos without interruptions.

Multi Bitrate or MBR is a single stream available with multiple bitrates. With MBR, you need to encode and configure multiple streams of your content at multiple bitrates and broadcast them to your chosen CDN. End users have the choice to select the bitrate of their preference from the available bitrates (i.e.144p, 240p, 480p, 720p or even 4k!). The content will be continued to play on the bitrate which the user has selected, irrespective of the internet connection or bandwidth speed of the user.

Not everybody has the right resources to access live 4K streams. Before streaming a single live video in 4K, streaming services should apply transcoding/encoding workloads to create multiple renditions with different bitrates and resolutions. Providing MBR streaming opens broader markets and audiences for streaming services.

With MBR streaming, viewers can:

  • Have a better experience watching the video stream with the same quality.
  • Have better control on their consumption of Internet data plans.
  • Watch an interruption-free streaming.