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OVP (Online Video Platform)

What is an Online Video Platform?

An Online Video Platform (OVP) is a centralized video hosting solution that allows users to upload, convert, store, distribute, monetize and analyze video content on the web, usually through a media library, often called a video management system (VMS). Most Online Video Platforms come with a wide range of video services, making it much easier for publishers and developers to integrate complex video functionality into any website or app. Services usually range from a video player, security and access control, video SDK’s & API’s, storage, uploading & encoding, streaming, CDN analytics, and more.


Users generally will upload video content directly to the Online Video Platform via the VMS, or via the video API directly in mobile or desktop applications. Most platforms also offer an easier way to publish video on a website by embedding video with an embedded code or a link that allows others to view the content. An Online Video Platform is virtually the infrastructure to deliver OTT video services or integrate video into any website or app.

Most Online Video Platforms operate in a wide range of markets. Most are consumer-oriented while others are produced for institutional or educational use.