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VODcast, otherwise known as Video on Demand cast, is the online delivery of video or audio content from a meeting or an event. In other words, it’s a type of podcast that includes subscribable video content. Vodcasting is also called video podcasting or vlogging. The listener decides when and where to watch and listen to a vodcast (on-demand).

Like podcasts, vodcasts are often informative or entertaining. Usually, vodcasts have a regular presenter (or presenters). Guest speakers also regularly appear in vodcasts. Usually, vodcasts take the form of a conversation between several people. Many vodcasts have a recognizable intro and outro. The setting is also often identical in the different vodcast episodes.

Vodcasters often combine the podcast and vodcast format. On certain apps and services, such as YouTube, it is possible to watch the vodcast. Vodcasters often offer the option to listen to the audio version of the vodcast, as a podcast, through services such as iTunes and Spotify. This combination has the advantage that a larger audience is reached.