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Webinar Software

Webinar software is an online tool for managing, arranging, hosting, and running a webinar, allowing users to create an interactive online experience with a video channel. Most webinar software has a built-in dashboard where organizers can create a new webinar, manage registration, and launch automated emails.

There are two main types of webinar software:

  1. Browser based software
  2. Downloadable software

Browser-based webinar software works directly in a browser without having to download any applications. This kind of software is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. The software is updated automatically making it easier to add user licenses and manage. Browser-based software is easier to access, which leads to higher attendance rates than downloadable software.

Webinar software that is downloaded from the internet requires users to install applications on their computers. The additional steps required to download and install software can discourage attendees and lower attendance rates. If there are issues during the installation webinar registrants are less likely to follow through with the process. In addition, software updates oftentimes have to be done manually. This makes it difficult to manage and scale downloadable software for growing teams.