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VIXY updates: Interactive player studio

The last couple of months we have been implementing some cool new features to our player studio, these will make adding interactive elements even easier than before. Effortlessly add time based calls to action as contact forms, brochures, buttons, products and video menus. Curious about how all this works? We have listed 3 examples in this article.

Leaseweb: generating leads with the contact form

You can now add a contact form to your video player with just one mouse click. You decide for yourself the number of fields, the header and the subtext. There is also the option to require the viewer to fill in the fields. The contact form will automatically be shown at the end of the video. It’s also possible to display a button for the contact form in the video player.

  • Use the contact form for lead generation, receive requests via the video directly to your inbox
  • Use the contact form for database marketing, let visitors sign up for the newsletter.
  • Ask your viewer questions and collect extra data and feedback.
  • Require your viewers to fill in specific fields or allow them to leave entry fields empty.
  • Share the video on social media and video sites for generating leads from there (blogs, campaigns, PR).

Forbo: increasing conversion to product page

With the new button plugin it is now possible to add time based calls to action and images to the video player. Decide the time, position and the image for the call to action. Also, you can now add a tracking URL to instantly track the results of your interactive video player.

So now you can decide the timeframe for when you want the call to action to appear and when it disappears again, you can do this by putting in a timecode or by using a percentage of the length of the video (last option is convenient when you use the same player for multiple videos in which you want to implement the same call to action). The player shown below is an example of how you can utilize these features. At 80% of the video there will appear three buttons in the player, one goes to follow-up video and the other goes to the product range. Interactive video leads to significantly higher click-through rates (5%-12%)

Binck: Menu in customer service video

Using a menu can be a smart thing to do if you’re looking to clarify your services. In the instructional video below from Binck we implemented a menu. This way the viewers can go through the right videos easier and quicker and get to the right topic. Interactive video leads to a higher user engagement (90% watches the video till the end). A menu is easily created in the VIXY player studio and is fully customizable to your corporate identity.

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