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Webcast refers to the live broadcasting of video and audio feeds to an audience over the internet or intranet. The term is derived from “web” and “broadcast.” Not to be confused with “webinars,” a webcast is typically held as “One-to-Many” and doesn’t involve interaction from the audience.

A live recording is made with the help of one or more cameras. From the central control set, instarts of graphic elements and pre-recorded items can be displayed. Short lines, clear communication and continuity ensures that you can concentrate on the content of your event.

The live webcast is recorded and can be broadcast via the internet, social media and intranet. Viewers can then view the stream in combination with, for instance, the PowerPoint presentation on their own PC, laptop or mobile device. Webcasting is becoming an increasingly common part in internal and external communication. As a result, many companies are looking to be able to webcast themselves. Webcasting should be easy to use, as often as you want. It must be easy to set up while still using all the possibilities that current digital technology offers. And all this within a well-arranged prize tag.